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Since 1982

Thank you for visiting Pam Blount Plumbing & Supplies. Conveniently located at 221 S.W. 5th Street, we have been serving Pompano Beach and the surrounding area for several decades. Family owned and operated, we offer friendly, personalized service not always available at plumbing superstores and home improvement retailers. In addition to being a plumbing supply store, we are plumbing contractors.

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Meet Pam

Pam Blount now carries on that family tradition. She is intimately involved with all day-to-day operations and is personally available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about virtually "anything"! She employs aknowledgeable and friendly staff that can assist you with any of your questions about do-it-yourself plumbing or anything related to plumbing.

Her response to a business world that seems to favor the large superstore retailer, is an emphasis on personal service rarely attainable in that atmosphere. Do-it-yourself plumbing and hard to find parts are her and her staff's forte. Want to talk to someone who has gotten to know you and cares about your needs both now and in the future? Then come to Pam Blount Plumbing and Supplies and let her and her staff make the difference for YOU!


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