Need Pipe Repairs in Pompano Beach


Need Pipe Repairs in Pompano Beach?

Clogged or Old Leaking Pipes Can Lead to New Problems!

Pam Blount Plumbing in Pompano Beach can detect leaking pipes, clogs or problem fittings that could lead to major damage.

●      Have you experienced a recent reduction in water pressure?

●      Does your water come out of the faucet brown with lots of air bubbles?

●      Do you see mold developing on the floors, ceilings or walls near water sources?

●      Do you have a faucet with a continuous drip?

Attention Pompano Beach Residents:

Water prices are on the rise and a drain in your pipes means a drain in your wallet.  The money you work hard for could literally be leaking from your plumbing system. If you think you may have a leak in your system or you have other plumbing issues call our Pam Blount Plumber Service today for fast and affordable pipe repair service at - 954 946 3566.

Don’t delay when it comes to pipe repairs, you could be losing money!

If you need rapid, reliable, expert plumber services call now for a free on- site evaluation.  Let our qualified, licensed professional plumbers inspect your Pompano area home or business, assess your situation and advise you of a course of action.  As soon as we arrive at your location, you will notice the right choice in choosing our highly rated company.

For over 20 years we have been providing fast, efficient, affordable pipe repair solutions for Pompano Beach residents with leaking pipes, drips and running water problems. Our local customers will tell you they depend on the experience and continued tradition of excellence provided by our Pompano Beach plumbing experts.  At Pam Blount Plumbing our trusted licensed master plumbers are on-call 24/7, here are just a few examples of our quality guarantee:

 ●      24 hour emergency service calls

●      Prompt - 30 minute response time to fix your pipe fast!

●      FREE on- site plumbing evaluations with every service call

●      All home, commercial and industrial pipe repairs and services

●      Ongoing plumbing maintenance contracts

●      Service vans with pipe fitting and equipment – no job too big or small!

●      All services are fully insured

●      Se Habla Espanol! – our friendly technicians communicate in both English and Spanish

Call Pam Blount Plumbers now and our affordable plumbers will repair your pipes anywear in the Pompano Beach area.

Call (954) 946 3566