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Plumbers Repair Toilets in Pompano Beach



Toilet Overflowing? Our Plumbers Repair Toilets in Pompano Beach

Toilet overflows can be caused by toilet clogs, clogged drain pipes, faulty or broken valves, broken flappers or by other parts that need to be replaced. There may be a problem with your local sewer lines or septic system as well.

DIY may be a good approach for pool maintenance or redecorating, but when you have water leaking all over your floor, it’s time to call the experts...the plumbing experts at Pam Blount plumbing in Pompano Beach! Call us at 954.946.3566 or click here for a free toilet repair quote.

Toilet clogs can be prevented by regularly cleaning drains with a mild cleaner such as vinegar or baking soda. It is vital for your drain pipes and toilet not to use a brick so save water in your tank. Bricks lead to clogs and damage to drainpipes.

An additional way to prevent toilet clogs and backed up toilets is by checking the internal components every six months. By doing so, fixing toilets is made easy.  

It is important to teach children about not flushing anything besides human waste and toilet paper, this is a common cause for toilet overflowing and toilet clogs.

Of course it’s always a good idea to keep a plunger next to a toilet. A plunger is a toilets best friend in attempting to fix a toilet clog quickly. Another simple preventative way to protect your toilet from toilet overflowing or clogs is by using single ply toilet paper.

 But when there is an emergency and you don’t want flooding or water damage in your bathroom, make the smart choice and simply call Pam Blount Plumbing. Our plumbers have been stopping toilet overflows and fixing toilets in Pompano Beach for over 20 years and we’re standing by ready to help you too! Call us at 954.946.3566 or click here for a free toilet repair quote.